We at Northwich Tandoori aim to bring all of our customers the very best value for money, services and food around NORTHWICH. Give us feedback.

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Excellent restaurant, quality food and good service. Appreciate giving customers loyalty points

Wendy, 04 Dec 2020

Excellent restaurant, good service and friendly people. Nice idea to give customers points as rewards

Wendy, 04 Dec 2020

Always really tasty and good quality, delivery within timescales x x

Carrie, 02 Dec 2020

Please add the vegan stuff onto uber eats if possible:)

Charlie, 28 Nov 2020

Great place, lovely food

Tonya, 22 Nov 2020

Arron, 20 Nov 2020

Great food fast delivery

Arron, 20 Nov 2020

Amazing food as always

Arron, 20 Nov 2020

Always amazing vegan food!

Rebecca, 20 Nov 2020

Always brilliant

Joseph, 15 Nov 2020

Always brilliant

Joseph, 15 Nov 2020

Best Indian food I’ve had

Kathleen, 13 Nov 2020

The best Indian food I’ve had

Kathleen, 13 Nov 2020

Want to be able to order for earlier than 6pm

Harry, 11 Nov 2020

We haven’t been able to dine in the restaurant since the first lockdown but we have had several takeaways delivered. The standard of food is excellent and the delivery always arrives on time.

Linda, 10 Nov 2020

Great service with amazing food!!

Chris Williams , 07 Nov 2020

Excellent and a lovely delivery lady arrived earlier than expected brilliant service

Michelle, 07 Nov 2020

Would recommend this restaurant staff are brilliant food is amazing definitely ordered through website

Lucy, 07 Nov 2020

Great food great guys and I’m Indian so...

Jayesh, 06 Nov 2020

While I appreciate you sending a bit of salad with our orders...putting it in the bag with hot food means it is warm when it arrives. Nobody likes hot/warm salad and therefore it just gets thrown away. So I think you are actually wasting food & money doing this. It either needs to be transported separately from the hot food or just don't bother. I hope this is helpful.

Vicky, 06 Nov 2020

Love this restaurant! Brilliant take away service which has brightened our days during lockdowns!! Best veggie options Ive ever seen. Thank you !

Elizabeth, 05 Nov 2020

We do not wany ANY any sugar added to any of the dishes

Susan, 30 Oct 2020

I have had many meals from you and never been disappointed. Last night we had a few dishes from you, one was Lamb Tikka Korai Shashlik. The sauce was fantastic but the lamb was undercooked and tough. I know lamb needs long slow cooking but maybe you should advise the customer if it is not going to be ready when they request it. I would rather wait or have chicken than have tough inedible lamb. Lamb is my favourite and I have had wonderful lamb dishes from you in the past.

Lynn, 30 Oct 2020

Our favourite ever curry

Sally, 24 Oct 2020

always delicious

Liam, 22 Oct 2020

we asked for son sugar - but the dansak seemed to have sugar in it

Susan, 17 Oct 2020

  Reply : Hi, We did not add any sugar on dansak, however, pineapple slice makes it sweeter naturally. Thank you.